Vpn or a proxy which is the best

had problems with fb and had to buy a few ages accounts i have a vpn running can people tell me what is the best and why

run a vpn or a proxy what is the best please tell me why

if anyone has any links let me know

Residential proxies if you want to succeed.

And how much account per Residential Proxies in your opinion ?

anyone got any good links or youtube videos

People are charging $6-10 per US Residential Proxy/mo. Do a search by yourself and find out.

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Thank you but that was not my question, I was meaning how much account do you set on the same proxie ? I’m searching for info since 1 hour and there is so many different answers.

If you afford to set 1 Proxy to 1 Account it will be awesome. If not, no more than 3 Accounts per 1 IP.

why not use a vpn love to know the reason why a proxy is better

Let’s say, if you run more then 5 accounts, how you gonna use a VPN client to have more than 1 IP (simultaneous)? Besides that, I’m afraid you gonna find a VPN provider with Residential IPs and to not charge more than $30-50 per WEEK only from 1 US Location.

My personal opinion is that proxies are FAR better if you run more accounts.

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thanks for your reply have you any links of any good ones or any youtube videos on how to setup

I do not. Do a research, I’m sure you will find some useful posts.

This is such BS, I don’t use residential proxies and have 0 issues and run hundreds of accounts.

If you say so :wink: …you are a king. lol