Vps Hacked Constantly

Hello beautiful community!

I am having a very hard time.
For the first time in my life I decided to buy an use a server VPS, and start my Jarvee there with almost 15 accounts.

I tried the free version of Amazon but it was superslow and not good for let Jarvee works with few accs.
So, reading here and there in the forum, I decided to try Greenclouds.

Everything is ok, about pricing and 24/7 Customers Support,

Everytime somebody is able to access to my VPS and change its password!
It happened to me about 4 times already in 2 weeks!
Once i figure it out, I open fast a ticket and let them change the password and give me back everything.
But, how does is it possible?
I put a very hard password in combo!

Is it even possible that my MAC is getting hacked by someone?

EDIT: I borrow my Macbook for 2 weeks to my ex business partner, and I found out afterall, he deleted all the history of google chrome.
Completely trusted him but after that, i’m worrying that he just put some malware or spy program for steal my information.
ATM, Jarvee was never affected by any change, just the VPS password get changed!

Sorry for my bad knowledge in this field.
Thanks for those who will try to help me figure it out!

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Or your email.

And also change all your passwords of your ig accs in Jarvee.

One of the reasons why I started using a personal computer instead, when you have a legit business going, you need to minimize the risk.

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That means that I should have to call back all my customers and say them to change password and get into EV again, or i can change it by Jarvee directly skipping this point?


I mean, is this “THAT RISKY” and “COMMON” and “EASY” to hack a VPS?

@starman - Look into restricting all IP addressees that don’t match your IP address for TCP/UDP ports through your firewall. or tunnel your RDP sessons over SSH through Putty (pub/private keys must match to gain access)

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