VPS, Jarvee, and Automation on Mac OSX

I just realized something important. Do VPS allows you to use Bluetooth?
I have a iPhone with 4g, and I want to use it as a hotspot for Jarvee usage.
If I can’t connect the Bluetooth device to my Greencloud VPS, then I am canceling my subscription with them.
What do you think? Any better options or alternatives?

automation in a different method?

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You cant connect your phone’s hotspot to your vps

Just buy a mobile proxy and use it for your accounts in Jarvee inside your vps


Dayum :pensive:
If I were to use my phone as a hotspot to use jarvee, how would I go about doing it? Please inform me of the possible ways if you know?

Use a PC or Laptop that you physically have with you

Install Jarvee on your computer

Turn on hotspot and connect your computer to your phone’s internet

Add your instagram accounts into jarvee without proxy (it will use your pc’s internet that is connected to hotspot)

You will need a spare computer & iphone to run this 24/7


Or just use a mobile proxy for your accounts, so that you can run jarvee on your vps.

It will cost you around $20 instead of using your phone/laptop


Perfect, thank you a bunch! My final question is do you have any recommendations mobile proxy. I don’t want to get ripped off (overspend)

You’d have to setup a proxy server for that to work, and honestly it’s a pain in the ^ss. Basically the idea is to remotely share your phone connection to use it through JV right?


Yes, use the phones hotspot as a buffer from blocks :slight_smile:

You can actually :wink:

Has anyone had success using a mobile phone as a hotspot to Jarvee, for running automation on 1 account?

Wouldn’t recommend it because it wont always be on, but you CAN do it. Depends on the speed of the hotspot too.

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