VPS Provider Question

I currently use Greencloud VPS with Jarvee and was wondering what the benefits for using a VPS are as opposed to just running Jarvee on a spare laptop that I have. Is it somehow safer or do people use VPS’s to not have an extra program running on their personal computer?


Often it’s just easier as you can connect to it from anywhere and never worry about power outages, the cat chewing your power cord, spilling coffee on it, etc. Also some people have high electricity bills or expensive unreliable internet, so that gives you the option to bypass it all and keep it running 24/7.


It is not safer to run on your home pc, but one of the advantages in doing so would be have at least 1 good ip to run some of your accounts because your home connection would be considered a residential ip. IG says you can run 5 accounts per IP but have seen up to 10 or more.

I use a VPS because I don’t have an extra PC to run and VPS is really just easy IMO just setup and let it roll.


Wow 5 accounts for a home ip is a lot actually.

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You can run five on your phone. And assuming some households have more than one instagram user. 5 on a home IP isn’t so bad. So it would have a lot to do with the number of actions when you’re doing it across your accounts on your home IP.

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I wouldn’t run 5 on an IP from home anymore. Can you have 5’per app? Sure! Can you have 5 per residential IP? Maybe.

But how can you be on 5 accounts 24 hours a day doing 60 actions per hour per day per account?

You’ll get your accounts flagged. I light do 3 with varied times etc. and. Use the IP for Yoruba, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora etc.

Never chance it. Actual residential? 3 max.

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Is it 5 per mobile ip or 5 per IG app?

Do you then just tell Jarvee what proxy to use for each account? What I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around is how the vps has one ip, you use a proxy (hopefully same city as ip you’ve been running account on) and still use app on device without getting any flagging on account? any idea?

You can choose what accounts go on each proxy via a drop down.

Your VPS IP will usually work for many account types. However, usually they are not good for Instagram. You want to either run JARVEE on your home laptop/PC, or purchase mobile proxies. You don’t want datacenter proxies for Instagram unless you have have a SPAM network etc.

@InterNEDA How many and what kind of accounts were you thinking of running? If you are a small business, all you need is JARVEE running on a spare laptop and set to run whenever you power it on.

If you have quality proxies you can easily not worry about the account getting flagged.


I run a couple of small businesses that have been on instagram for a couple years for some accounts and a year for one. However I am super paranoid about getting them banned but also am tired of manually doing everything and figure a robust application like Jarvee would definitely benefit me. I have seen the threads about using a raspberry pi to make use of my residential IP but all that programming is way over my head at the moment. I figured I could probably buy a cheap cell phone data plan and use that as a hotspot through a rooted or jailbroken device, but it’d be a new IP than what I’ve been using (home wifi and wifi at the office) and I read thats a huge red flag once you start automating actions like with Jarvee. Sorry for all the questions, not wanting to be spoon fed, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading and not a lot of it made sense. :rofl:

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And just for more info, I used to run MassPlanner before it got taken down (which is why I am on this forum) but was only using proxies from highproxies from what Ive read those are no longer good. Well theyre good for getting banned, but nothing more. I loved the ease of MP but even then I was green about proxy knowledge and then it was as easy as finding a proxy vendor and voila.

You can (or should) be able to easily run 10 accounts from your home with JARVEE.

After that, you should get prxoies. I would imagine that every account brings you a few $$ hundred per month. So I wouldnt worry about paying .80 cents more from high proxies to a mobile proxy.

SWEET! I’ll start shopping for a cheap Windows laptop. I’ll just leave it at home and remote into it to do work on it from the office. Thank you my man!


There are several reasons that you should run bots on VPS instead :wink:

  1. VPS is nowadays quite inexpensive, therefore the cost of electricity running your laptop/PC would be identical.
  2. You have a separate work space;) (This is important when you decided to scale up as it will separate your personal programs/files with your working files, hence, make management hundred times easier).
  3. More convenient: you can literally access it everywhere by any modern devices from Phones, Tablets, Desktops, …
  4. If you want to share your IG access to your co-worker, you can easily do this on VPS without worrying about your other files.
  5. You can easily scale your specs up, while purchasing additional RAM/ or even Mainboard/CPU combo might cost you a ton in up-front cost, you can easily request for an upgrade of your VPS when you need it :wink:
  6. As other mentioned, you can keep it online 24/7 too, without worrying about anything that might happen to your PC!

Let me know if you have any further question!


Where I can find mobile proxies not most expensive?
For now, I have trouble finding them. and when i find them they are expensive. Can tou suggest me please? :wink:

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Hey mate i currently use @HenryCooper working perfectly for 10 accts for me.

Lots of other sellers in the marketplace on here (level2) but i’m not there yet!

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I have a laptop i5/ssd/16gb ram literally sitting doing nothing… Not sure how many accts i could get on it but i’m going to set that aswell as the VPS :blush:

If it’s doing nothing else other than JARVEE and you don’t mind occasionally high CPU, you could do 200+ accounts easy.

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If the truth is that your PC is powerful, but if you really want something serious I recommend a VPS, it will be everything easier and more comfortable.
Right now, as colleagues say for less than € 30 a month, you have very powerful VPS 24/7

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A vps is really good nowadays, but an old pc at home is perfetly fine, there is no reason to not use it, it’s there, its good, less lag since is in the local network. It might even be worth to build a pc as server with old and used parts. If you have that liitle know how, and keep whatching for used hardware you’ll find some GREAT deals and you can set up great server for jarvee with little upfront cost and only energy cost as recurring fee. jarve is not that heavy, is way heavyer on lot’s of vps since they offer bad cpu.
Don’t go with the masses, think for yourself.
But if you travel often, or you don’t really know what you are doing, what you can achieve, a VPS can be found for free for 2-3+ months (using trial) and even then you only pay for 1 months at the time, so it’s more versatile if you have to change plans.