VPS rent? marketing accs?



someone here are renting his vps with MP for rent his acc ? let me know PM
wanna start with the marketing online


Not sure what you are looking for here, why don’t you just get a MP license and start right away, I don’t think anyway will agree to rent his VPS with his MP.


Get a free VPS

Then give these hard working MP guys a few bucks each month for a license.


So…you basically you want someone to “rent” you their VPS, MP and accounts ? Why, you think you know how to use them better than the owner? And who exactly do you think would do such a thing, risk all they are doing so someone else just has fun with their setup? :smiley:


i just ask for rent not for ather discutions :smiley:


Thanks for the share. , probbably will set up free vpn as a proxy and c how it works out.


are you using free proxes ?


you can make proxy out of vpn


how to make proxes?


@trueword [quote=“trueword, post:8, topic:9460, full:true”]
you can make proxy out of vpn

You had to go and poke the bear… now he’s not ever going to stop…

First he pays someone to grow his account, then he thinks he is going to get rich via CPA, then he wants to rent someones VPS and MP. Now this? Sheesh. @mix122 get some sleep kid. crawl before you walk. There is this thing called “reading” try it some time.


Honestly, if you need to ask that question then you don’t need to be making proxies.

That’s all the internet needs — more misconfigured, open proxies for people like us to abuse.


yea , kind of a vague personality , i’d recommend to stick to one thing , knowlage is a good thing , but you can’t be a good doctor , mechanic , engineer , painter and politician at the same time.


@wortime answer for question not criticize! i ask about rent vps/mp. Thank You


@mix122 rent vps they are dirt cheap…
Are you also going to rent proxies, mass planner with all tools. There time to put you on there mp. Considering it seems you do not have a clue what you are doing then I will be very surprised if someone offers to rent you part of there machine. As even the question how to make proxies.
Is a little daft. (Are you into networks yourself then)
You must have a lot of accounts as you need to make them yourself.
You need to get your own vps or a half decent desktop or laptop. Proxies are a dollar each dude.
It’s all very cheap nothing is expensive I mean come on mass planner is worth 1000s of pounds.
Lucky it’s so cheap
You need to question weather you can really afford this as if you can not get a simple vps and a few proxies them dude you need to go get yourself a job first.


@JasonUK :joy:

@mix122 Wow, you sure told me!

Look @mix122 You spam people/threads, your all over the place. Take everyones advice. Chill out. Focus on learning how MP works. Then worry about making proxies etc.

And @JasonUK is correct, I don’t think anyone on the forum is going to rent you one. There are many resources on the forum that you can use to get one for free for testing for a month. Use lower settings, create a test account so you don’t lose your current one…

Am I criticizing you? Absolutely. Do you need some criticism? A few of us around here think so. If you want to be part of the community, then be here and learn.

Tell me it’s not true that just a few days a go you wanted to pay to have someone grow your account.

Then you want to be rich from CPA, now this…

Learn how MP works, how to use it on a VPS, how to add proxies etc. Ask GOOD questions. Don’t spam people. Be patient. Many people are willing to help, but you are … getting a little ahead of yourself.


and actually he stated he lives in Norway at his usercard , and No is known for high salaries so i dont get it , why would you search for cheap alternatives i’d be throwing bank even for testing matters.


He has MP, he’s just too excited from reading the forum and wants it all… NOW.

He wants to be Instafamous, rich via CPA and a CCNA all in a week. Little does he know about the “Free Money” button in level 3…


please delate this topic @Johnny

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