VPS service to run SEO tools (Under 10 Accounts)

I figure AWS allthough its free will be a waste of time. Before I go into what I’m going to say, I don’t lie, I find it to be counter productive. I believe in eye for an Eye and doing the right thing

SO, I paid for Jarvee for almost an entire year and just didnt use it like ever, that’s my fault I know.
Now that I’m starting up with marketing again I need automation, but paying that fee is out of my budget. I found a guy that cracked Jarvee and is only 45 for life, no viruses either, he used dissassembly language. I’m only going to use it for the time of months I didn’t make due of, was just expensve every month and never took the sub off until this year Jarvee switched payment providers.

I’m not going to run over 10 accounts at first. Also going ot use a Tik Tok bot.

Can someone suggest a VPS service for a windows server I can use automation scripts on? I"m awaiting your replies and then Ill get one. I saw Jarvee optimized service yesterday, I’m going to the store and getting some soda as I only drink as reward for getting things done. Hopefully when I get back I got replies, if not it’s ok.

Which TikTok bot are you going to use? Is it free?

Btw, you can check out VPS from Contabo Virtual Private Servers | Quality VPS at Incredible Price | Contabo

I think you should use the money to buy Jarvee starter plan instead of spending it on a cracked software. It’s part of doing the right thing.

Using a cracked version will get you nowhere, a lot of issues will arise and you can’t ask for help. You should go to ossi said.

Contabo are really good and the price is good.

There should be some servies