VPS v Dedi v My own PC

I see many of us are still somewhat undecided on what to use for MP.

Just going to see what are you currently using now?

  • Rent a VPS
  • Rent a Dedi
  • My Own PC

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It all comes down to preference, time, location, utility bill cost, etc. Many factors.

The simplest option usually is to rent a vps. It’s because they are already set-up with windows for you, and just grab the RDP and login.

The 2nd option upwards, is to rent a dedi and install your own windows and setup the RDP. This takes time. But also not that difficult.

The 3rd option is of course to build your own PC. If you’re doing this for the first time, it takes the longest time out of the 3. Because you’ll be doing a ton of research on how to build it, cost calculation, energy bill calculation, and many more consideration.

I’m going to talk more about the 3rd option, which is to DIY. I built my own rig for personal use, gaming etc. Upgrading them from time to time, so i always have to keep up with tech. In today’s time, you can build your own capable machine at a very reasonable investment depending on how taxing the app is running.

I won’t talk about /how many accounts can this run/, because i’m still at an early stage, I don’t have a ton of it and not alot of actions going on. around 10 ig just doing following and some 5 idle fb accs occasionally synchronizing. But the uptime and spec:

That’s overkill for now, a core i5 6400. But that’s for future proofing.

And how much does it cost for electric bill? It depends on your location.

First use http://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator

My spec consist of

i5 6400
120gb ssd
400w PSU

Then plug the figures into your country’s supplied energy bill appliance calculator.

24h of usage and the pricing comes up to:

For conversion wise back to USD for easy reference (my country is badly affected by USD but this is not accurate reflection anyway) So take that 42.85 divided by 4, around 11 USD per month. That’s running on full load 24x7


Ha, interesting, I’ve always seen people saying electricity costs, but I’ve never thought about how much. If this is accurate ( which I think it is) then it won’t always be better to get your own rig.

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I only displayed the calculation from my country. It seems the US is running at 0.12$ kwh. Which is quite high IMO. I’m on the average side.

At first when i wrote this article, i thought of converting people to start using their own PC. But when i calculate it in their home country and compared it to the price of renting a vps/dedi, I soon realize it may have been better to just rent the vps/dedi. :sweat_smile:

But, those figures are full load 24x7. There’s no way someone will get the CPU to max 24x7. I seen it on a vps, those are the problem of being on a shared evrionment, but its quite unlikely you’ll see 100% usage on a PC.