Wanna buy twitter PVA accounts!

Where can I buy old PVA verified Twitter accounts? Also how would I deal with phone re-verification?
I need to buy a lot.

I promote my site via twitter and it works when you set the settings correctly.
I put them on high quality social media proxy (1 account per proxy)

but I need way more accounts to scale up everything.

Pls help me

Why do you want PVA? If you don’t have access to the og number you cannot verify the account.

So it was better not do have PVA? I want old accounts running with slow settings…beginning maybe 50 following, then maximum 100

I want to have 30 accounts running, every acc has its own high quality proxy.

If its not PVA, twitter will ask me to add a number which I dont have…but when its pva I thought maybe twitter wont ask for re-verification so fast

Why not use a PVA service? And why not buy newer accounts and replace them once they are suspended forever?

In case you have a higher demand for twitter accounts and you want to have them created on your proxies you can PM me.

10 Years old twitter account available.