Want a bot for Mass Email creation

How would I go about getting a bot for mass email account creation for gmail or another mail Service if that’s easier For when I’m making a bunch of instagram accounts

Upwork > Post what you need and how much you are willing to pay > Done.

Anyone with decent python knowledge should be able to create what you need for relatively cheap.

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Awesome! Thanks

And what do you think a good price point would be so I don’t get garbage offers

$75 - 100 would be my guess.

Some people would quote you 3K, some will quote you $20. That is just the nature of things on Upwork.

I think WhiteHatBox have email creation software for different email providers. Though they don’t give a great impression as a company overall with products and support, so you may be best to buy a custom one if you’re comfortable with that process.

there are a couple on the web the works with a lot fo providers, and some let you quite easily add one

I would look for a bot that creates accounts on sites that don’t need a PV but are still “quite high” in trust.
For example web.de/GMX/mail.com or protonmail