Want someone to handle Instagram

Hi, I’m still searching for someone who can handle Instagram account (fashion, lifestyle personal website)
Would love someone to show me their real results on mutual accounts, would be even better if they can handle Facebook and Twitter too.

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i think you have to make an offer i mean a price to let people know what they will go into b4 typing and you set apart all expectation and trust me it will make life easier for you cus i’ve seen a lot of people just asking without giving any details and thats like shooting in a dark room

you make an offer and the goals and sit back

good luck

I’d go with a price that a person with real results would make for me. As for goals, the account I’m talking about is 19k (used to buy followers) and used power likes before. The goal to have at least 2k per post and get 50-150 targeted followers/day as a start. Hopefully will get higher results with time. Also to increase link clicks and engagement.

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