Want to buy - amazon ses account

I am looking to buy Amazon SES Accounts, fitting the below:

-Not sandboxed
-minimum 50k+ / day send limit

PM me your price and contact details.

Hey @elogicuk, You still in need for aws ses accounts. I can provide you accounts.


I am in need of SES accounts. Lots of them.
Can you provide them?

I am also in need of amazon ses accounts out of the sandbox.

Hello Manish you still have SES accounts i need them , please contact me on skyp : live:3ee50db4b324e188

I’m looking to sale Amazon SES account please let me know if you still buy them .

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Hey i need ses accounts too, please contact me in my skype id : Olearymedia if you have some

Hi. I also want to buy SES accounts with 50K limit a day. pls contact is someone selling.

Hi Manish, I am looking for SES accounts. do u still provide?

You have ses amazon out of sandbox?

Give me your Skype

It looks like spam here :s

dear i need amazon ses accounts with 50k limits…i will pay you $60 / accounts…I need 10 account.

mail me-cbiswash0@gmail.com


Apologies for my ignorance, but was is an SES account?

Hey @Manish
I am in need of SES accounts.
could you provide them?
contact me please in skype: lilian.dramis

I can sell amazon SES 50k daily limit account.

Those that are interested please contact me on
skype or telegram


Looking forward for long term relationships. I have sold several Amazon SES 50k daily limit accounts. If you are interested, let me know.

I have 3 SES account in stock with 50k limits. If anyone interested please contact me on Skype: live:.cid.59f0399eeade31c7

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