Want to grow my personal account but i can't decide

Hi guys! I really need your help. I feel stucked. I want to grow my personal account, at first just with manual follow/unfollow, lately maybe i will buy goood quality story viewing/voting service and will do both things… Once i grow even more maybe i will include even more growth strategies( if i will be able to spend that kind of money)

The problem is that I want 2 things:

  1. Have account specially for instagram marketing niche. So I promote myself as an instagram marketing/growth specialist worldwide.

  2. I just want to be famous in my country, not for the money and for the reason to sell my service, but rather for my own desire just to be famoums. Maybe it sounds silly but it is what i want.

So now i’m stucked and dont know what to do. Cause growing 2 accounts professionally will take 2x time and money in the future and i think it would be a dumb idea to split it rather than focusing just on one acc.
So im thinking what should i do?

Should I promote myself worldwide with marketer and also include some of my lifestyle so i can become famous + use account for business purpose. And also dont care about being popular in my country specifically… Or I should do account for instagram business separately and post only 100% intagram marketing related content and also make an acc for becoming popular in my country and promote my lifestyle there?

really need your help guys!

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Why not do both things with different focus and audience.

  1. With your first, you focus, as you are now, on Instagram marketing sharing knowledge and experience and reaching to people who are actually want to learn and gain more knowledge. Include your self into videos explaining how to do stuff, create good graphics to show progress, how to track audience and analytics, etc.
  2. With your other grow a bit differently by going for your customers or business with who you can work and do some crossposting, or have a mother-child relationship.

Your main will grow as your second will too. Put money into your self as a brand and your other will have traffic from that too.

I’m sure you can do it without any problems.

I hope I could help :smiley: