Want to hire someone to help me grow my personal IG account

So I have tried to use Jarvee myself to grow my personal IG account. But it has proven to be rather difficult. I have run into various blocks and I don’t have the knowledge or time to find a good solution for the blocks.

I would like to know if it is possible to hire someone, who can grow my personal IG account.

It is crucial that I can use my IG account meanwhile and do stories and posts while the service is running. Would that even be possible?

I would 100% reccomend @Itsyourtime :smiley:

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Hey we have great success with manual growth. Also you are able to use your account while our service is running. If you are interested feel free to PM me, we are currently offering 1 week trials for a discounted price.

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I use a VA for manual growth. Love it. I get up to 30-40 followers a day easily. Runs my personal store account. Have followed up to 300 people a day and liked 300 people a day without a problem.

If anybody wants access to my guy, I can give you his skype if he has the room. Very organized person as well. I just tell him to use x account and x account and follow this many followers of them and like this many posts total.

Commenting, story making, whatever, he does it. Jarvee just wasn’t worth it. I could do 2 follows a day for a week and go up 2 a day and it would block me.

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Hello, I’m looking for some help in setting up IG automation. Looking to use it to supplement my normal IG practices. Looking for moderate to normal growth, nothing crazy. Can you help me with this? If so, what do you charge for this?

@manolocampion Please edit your reply by deleting the name of the software, or it will be removed once more

got it… that should do it.

We do not use jarvee for automation, we use physical phones to run our accounts. So we can not help you with that I guess.

i can help you with running multiple accounts as you want with jarvee…

If you search for trusted and reliable manual growth with WhatsApp support just DM me. We already have dozens of resellers and a lot of our own accounts!