Want to know about state/city shipping tool plugin

I am Zeeshan. This is general Question which i am asking today.
i want to raise one question today which bother me a lot.I want to use state/city wise shipping cost in my website.
i have tried so many plugins for this method but all in vain.
please help me out regarding this plugin which will be useful for this method.

Thanks in Advance


@Socialmediaexpert C’mon man. This isn’t 20 questions. What is your website platform? Is it Wordpress etc? Fuck. Please try to provide as many details as possible.

@wortime Thanks for your Reply.
My website is under construction it is basically shopping website .
Yes it is word-press based . using atelier theme in this. I have installed woo commerce plugin in that.
if you see on this page http://www.rhizmall.com/cart/ . i have tried shipping calculator but it is not working.

What part isn’t working? I am not going to enter all kinds of details to test your cart, nor am I going to give it any more traffic.

Basically it is not calculating the total amount for shipping
.After the product added in cart and all basic details enter in form.
It should have to calculate the shipping cost.
but it is not .
For this i want to know any method that it will automatically add.
please see screen shot as well.

Look at those links I sent you, you probably need a dev to change some code. I am pretty handy with websites and HTML, but I am no dev and won’t spend hours trying for no money. Maybe someone else will see this.

These are the kinds of details you should have provided in the original post.

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thanks for your kind reply.
sure i will study this article.

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