Want to sell my tiktok account

Hi I want to sell my tiktok account that has 30k followers, anyone knows where I could sell it?

And how much I can ask? Because I have 2.5 millions views 450k likes and 36% following from the USA

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which is the Niche of your account?

How much is your account and does it have the new feature

New feature?

And what do you mean by how much?

I mean does your account has a creator promotion button
The new feature for promoting videos using tiktok app

Nope dont have the creator promotion button

you can post a selling thread on #public-marketplace and see how it goes also, you did not mention your account niche.

Yep I have put it on SWAPD so gonna see how it turns out.

It hard to say my Niche but is like question and answer type of tiktoks off any topic