Want to win that price. Facebook Accounts needed! :)

Hey my girlfriend is working for a nursery school and there is a page on Facebook which would donate 5000€ to the nursery school with the most comments.

Can somebody help me to get her to the top of it? :slight_smile: Would be awesome for the kids and they really need that money to renovate the building. She is in love with her job so I thought this would be a good way to find someone who can help us out.

Like and Comment 1 Picture, that’s it. Does someone have some fake-facebook accounts we could go with?

If you want to be paid, let me know the price.

Thank you very much.

push this up!

I think they will have a rule about fake accounts liking and commenting, make sure that’s not the case before you waste your money on that.

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It’s just a small site - i dont think they care about that. Anyway thank you for the hint :wink:

Check with @Khiem Maybe he will be interested if the pay is good.

I’m not interested, I don’t have proper tools to do this.

However there are plenty of Social media panels that can do the Like thing. Comment thing is a different story. I haven’t heard any panels that can do comments.

Is commenting required?

If there’s a strategy of sending comment spintax or likes I could help, but all my accounts are Vietnamese (about 500 accounts at the moment). Will it look fishy if there are a bunch of Vietnamese accounts that interact with the post?

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Hey mate,

liking and commenting is neccessary. But the comment is always the same, the name of the company :wink: So no Spyntax needed. It’s a really small thing, so just 50 likes/comments will change the game i guess.

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