Wanted: 20k+ Telegram 24 hr L+C Groups

Hey all,

I have several 20k+ accounts and am looking to join some solid, active Telegram pods. Please DM me your link or a TG username I can reach out to and thank u in advance!


Looking for the same. have some in the 50k-350k range !

DM me on instagram @breanaonsocial. I just found a goldmine of DM groups:) All active and lots of big #'s, some are verified. Very cheap to enter- l’m happy to connect you with my guy.


Hey Just DM’d you, if possible i’d like to get involved on this

Anyway to hop in those mate? Have accounts in the 65k-350k range

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@customlogovideos yeah absolutely shoot me a DM on instagram @breanaonsocial I’ll link you up with the facilitator✌️