Wanted: JV / Systems administrator

Hi Crew

I’m looking for a systems administrator who can manage popular bot software JV, updates, blocks, proxies etc and can troubleshoot accounts for 2500 users on JV using twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and 1500 on like exchange.

I understand many run their own shop but if your interested in part time / full time position

Dm me

My original post was moved to level 2 and I don’t have level 2 access


2500? Holy shit dude, good job!

Poor bastard, he will never get any sleep…



I think it may have been moved so that it can’t be crawled by search engines, maybe because of the product/software name. I could be wrong though.

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I have not slept well for very long time lol

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I will edit it out ! Thanks

Can we get your story, love to hear a good success story! :grinning:

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Do tell! Yeah but theres a version with the names redacted.

Position has been filled, thanks for everyone that applied.

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