Warm Up - Instagram Accounts? (Jarvee)

Do you really warm up your accounts? I have done this “warming up process” so many times , in different ways now, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I usually have a few accounts that work very well, although the most don’t. The biggest problem are accounts that get temporally blocked after only 4-15 follows. To be fair I have usually only use the follow tool, wich I have read should not only be used instead you should do other actions too to mimic a “real human”, but it is a bit hard to believe that this “mimicking” is the reason why it would work. I’d love to read about some methods/strategies which really work.

Note*: I use scrapers and for the main accounts “USE ONLY EB…:”.

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of course, you should warm up the account for better results, you can try not warming the account and start doing actions directly and see how it goes, those accounts will most likely be blocked in few hours.

Could you please ad more to the discussion. If it works according to you, could you tell me what is working?

I am currently warming up 10 IG accounts and doing about 10-15 follows even without scrapers and all accounts on the same IP address and for 15 days didn’t get any blocks nor verification issues. So I believe the limits are the most important thing for the safety.


I would also ad the speed. I usually get problems when the speed/ delay is too high. Anyway I have also read about someone following 200 followers a day within 1 hour. With that said one can apparently be quite creative with their strategy.

I use like comment, story viewer and random actions for warming the accounts for 4-5 days then start warming using follow/unfollow 5-10 actions per day for 4-5 days then increase daily while keeping the other tools working for 2-3 weeks after that I can focus on follow/unfollow.

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I really never believed in “warming up”, but I will give it a try now. In the end I have to test it myself to see if it works for me too. Thanks for your insight.

*Before I forget, do you really use the comment tool? I have read in an article (published in 2021 April), that it leads to action blocks: I assume the rule of limits is the key here, but let me know if you know better.

Account quality is a big factor in how well the slave will warm up. Good accounts are easier and have less issues


I never said I use the comment tool I said the like comments tool for warming up but yeah you can use the comment tool but very carefully Instagram is a little bit more aggressive when it comes to comments.

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