Wassap IG/FBI agent sell-out

Hi IG/FBI agent,
since you and your boys have been tackling us since Summer preetty hard, and the last month? goodjob

I got you a business model right here. Make Instagram Basic and Premium, so…

Basic package

  • 10 likes per day
  • 5 follows per day
  • 1 story post/wall post per day
  • no crossposting
  • no link in bio/ link in stories

Premium package

  • 100 likes per day
  • 50 follows per day
  • Unlimited posts per day on both story and wall
  • UNLOCKED DMs to new followers
  • link in bio allowed (if its family friendly website)

Premium+ package

  • Create your own M/S CPA spam
  • No daily limits on interactions
  • Basically fuckall is allowed

Tinder 2.0., drinking my 3rd coffee at 10 AM, cheers