Watch out for scammers

There was a free mass dm guide on another forum that seemed very informative.

The creator then mentions he sells aged accounts. When you DM him he says minimum of $100usd. Since the book seemed good I thought he must be legit. But the second he got the payment he blocked my TG.

I used my other account and dmd him and he blocked that too. Do not buy anything from him. His guide is probably bullshit too so don’t belive him.

His user name on tg was @grom_acc and now he just deleted the book and it is now @dm_grom and has made it a mass dm service and will probably scam people here too. Do not trust this guy.

I will updatd as his name changes to stop this prick.


I think I can help you out.

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Scammer everywhere, I have just got scammed too. :frowning:

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What happened?

a person, commented on this forum, said that he is working on FB Internal support team and he can help unban disable account. But he has never been online on Tele once he got my money.

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Jeez yeah ive seen that happen for verifying also. Worst thing about crypto, no charge backs

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