Watch Superbowl online

Hey all

Out of the USA at the moment

Anyone recomend a way to watch the superbowl online without paying an arm and leg for it?

DM for discretion if you would prefer



Six Nations all the way!


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I usually open Reddit and find streams there. Never fails. Just google reddit nfl streams.

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THATS my sport…love it. Played it all my life


cheers mate, appreciate it

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Sure, no problem. I’ll be watching the game, hit me up if you can’t find a good link.

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shall do
my little girl wants to watch it, never seen it before
I dont want to fork out $99

Well I know this is over by now, but it’s always free on the broadcasters website. They still make ad revenue from streams. CBS Sports streamed it for free.

Thanks mate. Appreciate it

Rojadirecta has a 9 gig version of it with the pre game, halftime and all the ads plus the full game.

It’s about 10 hours long. Even if you skip to just the game start it’s 3 hours of watching.

Not bother though. Just watch the highlights somewhere.

Thanks mate…Ill check it out…it was a bit slow