Way to Scrape my Account's Followers and Sort by 'Most Followed'?

For someone who is illiterate in coding, is there a way I can sort my hundreds of thousands of followers by ‘Most Followed’? Possibly with Excel?

If I understood you correctly, you have the data and you just need to sort it in Excel?
Check this video: https://bit.ly/39HSu6d

Unfortunately I don’t have the data either and have no clue how to download it all.

I’ve tried raising this question before. It’s complicated and requires a lot of scraping :sweat_smile: and I gave up.

Edit: oops I misunderstood. just use jarvee to scrape your followers and the number of followings they have. Then sort that via excel

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You need to scrape all your followers with additional user details (the number of followers) using a software (Jarvee can do this). You will need to use a lot of IG accounts to scrape hundreds of thousands of followers. The scrape results will be saved as CSV file. You can then open it in Excel to sort the data.


I see that guys already helped you with this :slight_smile: you can easily do this with Jarvee, there is free trial so try it :slight_smile:

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