Ways to get more followers faster

Hello, started instagram method few days ago.
Added about 20 IG accounts in the program, put them in warming phase with 20-40 following per day and 5-10 increase each day.
However, i don`t get followers fast. I need ways to get more organic followers so i can increase to the old accounts settings like 800-1000 following per day.
Can you tell me which ways you get more followers fast?

I may not necessarily have the answers you seek but in my case its:

-have good content/pics/Vlogs
-be patient (most people want it done NOW)
-the more followers you get the more people will want to follow (social programming)
-post at certain times of day (for the #)
-get shoutouts (gotta pay for or trade with someone who has similar follows)
-interact with your community


In addition to what @MrSterling said, there are several topics here that may help and one of them is this, good luck :slight_smile: