We got email verification problem?

hi guys, do you have problem with email verifcation problem,
these days, i have trid to add some aged instagram accounts into mp,
but it get error, i could logged via EB broswer, but when i tried to logged via api, it faild,
i have tried to reset ids and change proxy,it also can not work
anyone got the same problem?
strange issue is the accounts which has logged before july 1st,it could use email verification function,
it makes me confused。

What error are you getting? What is the status of the account in social profiles?

hi, it shows email verification , when i try to verify ,it shows
failed to confirm via email - Oops, an error occurred

also i have reset device id and change proxy, not wokring

You mean you can auto email verify those accounts via API? I haven’t had EV status in a while, maybe the issue is related to the login issue JV had a few days ago.

I heard they are now working on that. You can check with their support.

Have you managed to sort it out? I’ve heard there is some strange issue, prolly on the IG side which is not allowing you to do a phone or email verification.

not yet, problem has been over 45 days

Do you mean the issue persist or you have not contacted yet their support?

Did you contact Jarvee?

Then I think you should contact their support cause I think that issue was sorted a long time ago.

yes, i have contacted them , they can not fixed this problem, this problem has been one month

yes. i have contacted, they can not fix… i don’t know why…

i have contacted, seems they don’t want to fix this ,

Can you specify what did they tell you.

they said try to fix,but no messege

i don’t have any issues with email verification. I use both jv and mp and the auto email verification works fine. are you running JV on your PC or VPS?