We just bought an Instagram Account

Like the title our client started the phone call, well… long story short, she bought a babes accout with 45K and she wants to grow of course.

I have zero knowledge in the niche I would really appreciate tips and tricks here.
We are not planning automation for her at this stage.

I can tell you that the account was doing F/UF and the ER at this moment is very low, not getting more than 300-400 likes per post, 150 story views max.

Since she bought it she changed a bit the feed, much better quality, and she is networking with the models, she wants to only post models that she has an agreement with.

So far she is asking the models to mention the account and/or comment in the post.
(She is talking to photographers too, she is a model btw)

I hope you can give me some tips she is relative of one super good client.