We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram problem

Hey guys, so I have this problem.

I use 15 different phones, each phone has it’s own sim card and own internet, each phone had only one account added. I was doing all actions manually there, sending DM daily, everything worked fine for last few months, last night 10 phones got hit with “Try again later” We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram, like sending messages. Last night I was doing updates on 5-6 phones, software update of android, I didn’t want to spend internet from those phones so I connected them one by one to my personal phone that gave them network (because I have unlimited internet on my personal phone).
After the update was done I removed them from Wifi and continue doing actions. Did Instagram fuck all my accounts because of this? Today I tried to do actions on one account that wasn’t restricted last night after 10 actions I got restricted there also. Did he connect all the phones to one ip and flagged them? Or did Instagram made some new update last night and made some new limits?
If I screw it with doing this update, what can I do to get these accounts to work normally again?
Should I restart the whole phone? and wait for 24 hours before doing any actions?


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Well I got this problem today on all my accounts :disappointed:

Maybe sharing the same residential Ip got them linked. Did you force close each IG app prior?

I havn’t checked my accounts today do not sure If I have experienced this yet.

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The internet is not the issue after all u just updated the application not opened the account or so. Its most probably the ig update coz they do this kind of stuff in almost every update so it might just they’ve tracked you with your actions not coz of your ip.

You’ve got blocked from sending DMs. Wait 24-48 hours, lower the number of actions you are doing per hour and per day and then try again.