Web apps showing instagram posts in map?

I’m looking for examples of web apps that show certain instagram posts based on hashtags and shows them on a map based on their location.

Show in a map al posts published under #guitar

Looking for inspiration to build something similar and can’t find any.


vurku.com shows posts based on hashtag which are availaible for download.

But for your second request,it is more of a custom solution in my opinion.

In Jarvee, you can scrape both posts based on a certain hashtag and based on a geo-location but you can’t combine those two sources.

Thank you both! I didn’t mean services that can help me do that but mostly other web apps for inspiration.
I will definitely build a custom scraper for this but trying to get inspiration on design/UX.


You are welcome, I hope that our tips can help you out with finding the right solution. Cheers