Web link 'swipe up' feature gone on my 10k+ account?

Hi all! I’m new around here.

Has anybody else had the ‘web link’ option disappear from their ‘swipe up’ in stories? I only have IGTV now…

background I have 18.7k followers (down from 19k about 10days ago thanks to removing ghost accounts etc, but otherwise little change). My engagement hasnt changed drastically or anything.

That’s weird…can’t help right now, but I’m interested in an answer :slight_smile:

I had a client experiencing the same problem: her account was 13K and suddenly the swipe up stop working.

The solution? Nothing: after a few days that feature returned.

Maybe it’s a kind of temporary restriction that apply Instagram.

Try force closing the app and opening it again

Same thing happened for me i have 21k account i had this feature from the time i became 10k now the button is missing suddenly for no reason anyone can help me out?
I even send report to instagram many time nothing happend its 1 week till now