Website Content - Tips!

Whats good everyone? So a while back I’ve purchased some web hosting, a domain and an access to hundreds of incredible plugins and themes for wordpress! I had a great plan on what I wanted to do with the website, but after all it didn’t work very well!

So Im coming to you guys; maybe some of you got some tips on what I should do with the website before doing literally nothing!
Maybe some of you even want to team up with your tips who don’t have the money to invest - especially in some great themes&plugins.


What is the niche, goals etc? Are you planning on getting traffic through seo?

Hey! Let’s start of with the niche. Since the website has pretty much not been ranked within any special keywords, there is no niche yet. It used to be in the fitness niche though. Regarding of the tips and ideas I will probably purchase a new domain that fits!

Of course I’m planning to rank the website through seo.
Regarding my personal knowledge; I know how to design websites and manage a website. I basically just search for some cool ideas or maybe even a partner! The partner should have great knowledge in ranking websites and definitely in making money with websites.

Keyword research, on-page optimization, content quality, content length, publishing frequency, patience.

Get those 6 things sorted and you’ll see success.