Website URL redirect to

I just noticed that for some of my bigger accounts, when I click on the website URL … it’s redirecting to

What the hell is going on?

Is anyone else getting this?

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Yea, looks like an issue with Instagram cuz even links of legit business profiles have this problem.

Can you share some of the legit business profiles who have this issue too?

Everyone… try Youtube :slight_smile:

Oh wow … you’re right.

How and when did you start noticing this issue?

Yea, finally ig is dead lol :laughing:

Are you saying you can’t view your profile and it’s going to the regular domain, or that it’s forcing an https version of the site?

Go to

And click on the URL … you’ll see what I mean

just few mins back…

Oh, you’re talking about bio links not working.

This issue just started happening today right?

yea, 50min ago started

having the same issue

Has this issue ever happened with Instagram before?

I do not remember what happened in mid-2017

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Not sure if this is related but since yesterday thru Instagram App i seen when trying to open link an Instagram Message popping up to confirm that you want to proceed to the link outside of instagram. Never had that before so i think it might be related, they might be doing some updates.

Nothing new i think.

this looks like a phishing page

Imagine IG will add an OGads offer today on there main page:slight_smile:


Free instagram followers from the source lol.