Wedding industry - How to find influencers?

Just curious how people find good influencers to work within an industry that after the wedding is over the customer will not come back?

I am trying to find influencers who are getting married in large metropolitan areas and have large followings does anyone know of a good way to find such people?

they’re not coming back maybe but for sure they have a circle where they will talk about you to their BBF and stuff and i believe your best target is the photographers for weding and styliste and to keep thing easy go to instagram type #wedding and let it complet it for you then browse the result and scan which are your target

good luck

but im curious whats your nich or sub niche ?

Bridal & Bridsmaid dresses, will try this for sure

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I also work in the wedding industry, and I find colaborating with other artists (dresses, models, photographers, makeup artists, influencers etc) keeps traffic coming as you’re promoting yourself through their public too!
After the client has married, it is true they dont usually come back… But if you do a good job, they will always have good things to say about you to their friends.