Weird issue after F/U

Hi guys,
I want to share with you some weird issue we are experiencing during the last few days,
before - just a short introduction:
we are a social agency, we manage more than 500 IG accounts, mostly on Jarvee ( all real accounts, real businesses) our promotion strategy is based on growing by liking, we are doing that for more than 3 years now (first on igerslike and for the last year on Jarvee) we hardly use F/U since our clients prefer liking, but we have around 10% that are doing F/U.
Here is my point:
As i wrote, in the last few days, all of our clients using F/U are getting this strange welcoming page, it just appears on the feed and it stays there for few minutes unless we refresh the page for 5-6 times and than it disappears until it comes back again and again. the thing is, only those who are using the F/U method are getting this issue, no one else. has anyone else experienced the same issue? is it another bug from Instagram or is it something Instagram is doing on purpose?

I’ve seen this issue, or similar strange feed things happen, when connected to the account and using it in more than one place. So if you’re following on one phone and then try to like photos with another and refresh your feed, this has happened. It’s also happened to me on Facebook.

Can’t back up the claims with data, but the few times I have that was the reason. Maybe they’re logging in and trying to do things while you are with Jarvee? Probably not the greatest idea if they are, even though you can it may result in more trouble.


Hi, Whenever I log into my account from new device, I see this page.

It’s quite possible that this page is triggered when the account is opened from the different location.

Given that obviously our account doing F/UF are giving enough hints to the IG that we are botting.