Weird like-follow conversion

Hey there!

I am an Artist and got a following of around 5k.
I have been using Instagram for a year now and there is something that still confuses me a lot.

Lets comapre two posts I promoted with 10€ and same target audience, similar and relevant hashtags:

  1. 20k reach, 1,5k likes, 5 comments, 900 profile visits, 134 saved as favorite > 91 follows
  2. 30k reach, 9k likes, 5 comments, 170 profile visits, 64 saved as favorite > 10 follows

The percentage that came from the promotion is also about the same. That really confuses me. Almost 10k people liked what they saw and only 10 decided to follow. That just seems weird. Especially the differnce in profile visits!

Do you have any idea what is happening here? I got other posts that are similar. The conversion just seems too bad the be random. From an artists perspective the 2nd post has even higher quallity.

I dont do art for gaining followers. I love the process of creating and doing it every day really pushes me forward but of course I want to reach people with my art and make them connect to it. Its so rewarding.

Would be really nice if someone has an idea.

Kinds regards,


Do you have a business account? Did the first post hit explore?

I have a business account. What do you mean by hit explore?
It wasnt my first promotion. And it was not shared or featured.

How about testing your second post with some call to action words?

If you check your post’s insights, at the bottom you can see the number of Impressions and where they came from. Some of the variables such as “From home” “Other” and “From profile” always seem to be there, whilst others such as “From hashtags”, “From location” and “From Explore” are optional. The first two depend on whether you used hashtags and whether you tagged a location.

“Hitting explore” means that your post was so popular that it was shown to people on the Explore page (the one you see when you click the search button), giving you more likes and other engagement than you would normally get.

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I think this is a different topic. I had no Call to action in both. I want to undertstand whats happening here before I add something to the equation.

@leithmotiff I was wondering about that because I can’t see any more information other than how many impressions I got. I cant see how many came from Hashtags and so on :(.

I’m going to through out a crazy conspiracy theory here but is it maybe possible that Instagram is just making up these numbers? There is no way of verifying any of this information other than how many followers you gained. I find the numbers very odd, 30k reach, 9k likes (30% conversion rate) but then only 5 comments?? That’s a HORRIBLE ratio and would scream fake likes to me but it’s coming from IG. And if you get 9k likes on a 5k follower account but only 10 new followers, I don’t know… maybe this is another game by IG to get you to pay more for ads. Either way, these numbers don’t make any sense to me.

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@ddizzle Exactly, and no one seems to be able to explain that to me…

The situation remains the same. Is there really nobody with an idea?

I cannot imagine that this is just happening to me.

Im giving this topic another shot. I havent used instagram ads all year. Anyone having an idea?