Weird Reach please help

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is fine here.
I have a little problem on 1 account…

My reach is really weird.
The account has 33k followers, picture got 1/2k likes each time (2 posts a day)
But I never appears on hashtags… only 10 views maximum.
Plus, I never reach more than 5% people, so bad.

The account is in fitness, using hd pictures, content is really great.
I tryed posting without hashtags for 2 weeks, no diffrence, can’t hit explorer and can’t still hit hashtags now.

Stories make approximately 2/3k views, at less 3 stories each day.

Have you some ideas ?
Thanks you

that seems you have a shadowban!

Looks like a shadowban to me. Did you cross-check your hashtags?

Well me too, I can’t understand why because I stopped the automation on this account 4 months ago and now I only working with ads (180$ per month), do you know how I can handle this shadowban ?

Arf, well I have tested to change my hashtags, what do you think I should do ?