Weird thing concerning spintaxed caption

Lot of us here use repost , so stuff like news,quote… niches , spintaxing the caption of competitors is okay , but through times accounts start growing and in some niche like memes… if i put same caption (just spintxed) of other memes account some users comments like ‘why you put the same joke…’

i mean best thing here is to either hire a va to do unique captoin or do them myself , but at the same time for slaves account spintax can save lot of time , so how do you deal with this you spinta in someniches and others (that need unique caption) dont spntax on them , or you don’t care ?

Creating unique and meaningful spintax is very important, especially if you are referring to caption of your reposts. It’s okay to sometimes “borrow” some caption, but don’t over do it.

This also depends on type of the account that you run… If you are presenting your profile as profile with unique, genuine content, then you should make more effort to create unique spintax.

yes but most of us here do m/s , so i have some slaves that been growing a lot (+50k followers) so they et more exposed and spinta become more risky in some niches , wanted to know what others do in this situation , a va for example will not really know what to write in caption besides if i tell him