Well, Twitter isn't messing around!

So, I had a Twitter account that I do nothing on. Follow some people, haven’t sent a tweet or re0tweet in a couple of years. Mainly use it to watch trending topics. I retweeted the Dr’s video that was getting everyone banned, just to see, and sure enough… I got banned. Glad I wasn’t really using it!

all you did is retweet a video even without proxy?
im afraid twitter is changing and becoming more aggressive just like facebook

Blame the failure/pathetic state of the US government for all of these social media company crackdowns. Though some restrictions are for the best, most are just crazy overreaching like we’re living in a dystopian dictatorship.

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No proxies, just my personal account. Use it for very little, but am on it and had activity every day for years. I just wanted to see if what I was hearing about people being suspended for the video was true… and it was !

It’s been a long time coming Twitter cracks down on those mass dm hack links, xxx spam accounts, & over all just spam but punishing accounts for RT a tweet? Why wouldn’t they just delete the tweet from Twitter Instead of banning. It’s almost like they want to mute a select certain type of people…

You mind providing the link of the Tweet? I haven’t seen It or heard about It yet @MrBrad595

Side note: Trump mentioned today he is 100% certain he wants to ban Chinese apps aka TikTok very soon.

I would but I am suspended. If you google the Dr who believes in HCQ cures the virus, that is the one. She is from Houston, was on the steps of Congress.

I agree with he just removing the offending tweet, rather than ban. It is sad to ban someone completely for something they may not even know about. Who knows what goes into the algo’s on this stuff? Seems it would be pretty easy to remove it, and then send a notification as to why the tweet or RT was removed, so you could know. But, no one asked me… Have a great one!

What the ? Why would they ban someone for retweeting? They should just ban the person which initially tweetet the thing.

Twitter seems like a mess, it’s extremely difficult for me to grow an account over there. I hope IG never gets this hard

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Yeah, it’s all written here

Politics is everywhere…

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Their algorithms are very aggressive nowadays. Remember it’s election season & they caught the most flak out of all social networks for meddling in influencing politics (a debatable topic in itself, but you catch the drift).

Given this, their algo’s ban first & then manually correct if you submit (probably multiple times) an unban request.

No fun, but also no surprise they do that.

Submit those unban requests.

Well wishes on that account!

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