What about other actions limits?

We have been all discusing about the new follow limits.
But I wanted to know what about the other actions, for example, “Likes”.
It would be great if every1 shares their information about this here too.
I will try it my self, doing some testing with the like limit, and I will be sharing it with you guys soon.
If some1 already did it, share it ! :slight_smile:
So we can all get to a decent answer about the “Like” limit, now that we cant follow that much.

Good point. I haven’t done likes yet, but will try. Bookmarked

Hi, bro you can check it out in my thread.

I actually recieved blocks on my account that has done no actions other than posting twice a week. I tried posting a comment and got an action block.

More than the daily limit, I would set an hourly limit.
I have accounts on which I tried to Like and sometimes there was a blockade after 100, and there are those that gave 500 a day for months.

Hi Bros well ,all what i’ve seen them play with till the moment is the follow limit’s didn’t notice any other Limit’s tbh