What actions do after AC message?

Hey guys, so I got the account gompromised message a few months ago and then stopped botting completely. Im thinking now about only using the bot for story views and maybe also for likes. No other operations. Would you recommend doing that or how high do you think is the risk of receiving a ban?

Thank you

just go low… months seems like a long time to “rest”

reset device IDs, reset cookies and start slowly with 1 action

id suggest
7 days story views only (30-40 daily) then start likes from 5-10 a day

and obviously read thru forums about social profiles settings that a major key to success too

proxies obviously too…

Igot ACed on main personal account about a month ago. Put all on hold. Just started again yesterday with J (previously had FL) starting slow. Like 20 follows and unfollows a day increasing 5-10 per day.

Very conservative but until J is full optimised post the June wave it’s how I want to do it. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

Good luck buddy

You are not getting ban, I am getting this messages every few days on most of my accounts for months, never stoped anything, just keep doing whatever you want, they don’t ban people

But I wanna be super careful because its my personal account that I use for my business. So I didnt rest it completely for months, but only didnt bot for months.