What affects organic reach on Instagram? (Low engagement on on a 35k account)

Looking for some advice on an IG account of 35k seeing low engagement (200 story views).

What are best practices to increase this? I’ve heard about removing inactive followers, is there anything else to do to improve this account?



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Besides removing inactive followers which is definitely a must, you could try:

  1. More engaging content in stories: more videos, more useful info for your customers
  2. Promoting stories in your posts (e.g. telling your audience that smth is being available only in stories)
  3. And targeted ads of course

Thanks Tony, what would you say is the best way to mass remove followers and how far back would you go based on engagement?

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Jarvee is very good in removing followers.
You could also use it to get the list of inactive followers, or mass followers on your account.

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the number one reason is account trust score by insta. that is based on ER – and content and actions.

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What is the history of the account? ie: what did you do to get to 35k? did you use particular tactics? these could clue you in on what was the cause of the low ER now…

have you tried yourself recently to use just unfollow function on Jarvee? it is safe to remove around 100 following per day without blocks?

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Yep, we did. But start with lower numbers, and then speed up

Hey it was a combination of organic early on, then unfollow/ follow before it became uncool and at one point about 4 years some bot likes but all in all the majority was organic and paid shoutouts.

Do you know the best way to improve the ER? Based on last 20 posts its at around 270% ER from likes:followers.

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Thanks, what would you say is a good number of viewers on story for an account of 35k?

Do you know what a good score should be?

you can use Jarvee for that, they have many filters that you can use easily, check this article for more details

I believe 700-1000 would be Ok, 1001-1500 really good, over 2000 makes you rich

@Alexnvo said it best. Improve trust score. Implies content and the actions you do.

Removing ghost followers might scar your account permanently.

What can you do to get more people to see your content? What can you do to improve or switch up your content?

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Thanks makes sense. So you’re saying its best NOT to remove ghost followers or inactive followers and instead focus on just improving content/ engagement?

Would this make of an impact versus the advice here to remove them using Jarvee?

IMO, yes.

Removing ghosts adds red flag actions to your account. when you do them often enough, it scars the account from what I’ve seen and experienced.

Solid advice thank you. Is there anything else you think I could be missing here or purely focusing on getting better content/ engagement?

Im looking to get paid shout outs and ads to the account to help improve the new followers and plan to have quality content to engage with them.

Just this. You have the answers. Be as creative as you can. I can’t tell you exactly what to do. It’s your account at the end of the day.

Cheers, thanks for the advice.

Not sure if you know the best place to find good accounts for shoutouts possibly?