What am I doing wrong? Getting depeserate

I’ve tried:
ProxyMillions (worked like a charm before, but not anymore)
HighProxies (also got banned now, still using this)
Buying aged accounts from reliable suppliers (they’ve worked before)
Made my own accounts, made with my girlfriends phone number and only accessed with HighProxies (still banned after less that 8 hours)

What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone have a guide on how to set up accounts and make them NOT get banned?
I’m getting tired of this, used to make so much money…

Hey @pr3miere,

Sorry to hear you are having so much problems with Instagram lately. Hopefully this will help.

I personally heavily dislike ProxyMillion so much that I gave a review on :poop: The Shit List :poop:

Here are some other great low cost providers to choose from. If you wait a bit, hopefully others can provide additional proxy providers, or backup the quality of one mentioned below.

  1. It could quite possibly be the providers proxies causing this. The cheaper a proxy is, the more people buy, and the more that get abused.

  2. The problem may be within your MassPlanner settings. Its very easy to accidentally add an extra number (or even a more), into one of the daily limits. What be be 5 posts a day, could be 100. This also apples to any other actions such as liking, following, un-following, posting, commenting, and so on. I suggest taking your time running through your settings.

  3. You may have skipped the warm up stage, or your settings are set to high at the beginning.

  4. You did not mention anything about phone verifying. This is a big cause for accounts getting banned, especially if you are using your cell phone to verify all of these accounts getting banned.

  5. You may be leaving a footprint somewhere.

  • Using the same phone number to verify the accounts
  • To many accounts on one proxy
  • Adding the same url into each IG account
  • You are not clearing your cache
  • You are not spoofing your device ID between accounts
  • You may be logging into all the accounts on your phone
  • You may not be be making images unique before you post on the accounts.

There are quite a few Journeys here on the forum where people start from the complete beginning, and provide continuous posts every day or so, You will learn their methods, tactics, and the do’s and dont’s.

Click Here to see all topics relating to Journeys on the forum.

Here is a great one from @instagramfamousfam


Thanks for your answer, my friend.

However, more problems.
I’m beginning to get pissed now.

54$ investments down the drain.
Proxies, accounts, verifications etc…
Everything is getting banned for me.
I buy the AGED account (3-4 months), both PVA’s and Non-PVA’s.
Edit bio, edit website, follow accounts related to niche - bam, banned. Banned after the first account I follow.
What can I do?
I’m getting frustrated now…

U should read this, http://mpsocial.com/t/what-not-to-do-instagram/433/115

Already done, didn’t help me :confused:

@pr3miere Try to warm the accounts for a few days before you add a link to them.

Hope these are mentioned in the order of quality . top means better quality than below ones ?