What am I doing wrong?

I’ve been trying to grow accounts with JV for quite some time. Purchased 20 accounts & 2 4G proxies and started doing f/uf very slowly. Purchased 1 scraper per 3 accounts and I verified one account every day as the proxy company told me to do.

My limits are as follows:
15 follows every day increased by 15-30 until it reached 200.
On the second day of automation, all of my accounts got CAPTCHA (therefore they’re disabled). I’m talking about my main accounts, NOT scrapers.
I only use the API for story uploading and editing the accounts. that’s it. everything else is being done on the EB.

Is this common to lose accounts like that? Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I should do?

Did you used you mother link in their bio from the beginning?

I used the same link in bio across all of my 4 accounts (it’s a linktr.ee link)
Also used the same posts campaign across all accounts, but as far as I know JV is already changing the MD5 hash

Search the forum for warmup settings.
Including rest periods, account profiling, recommended devices, etc.

Those things can happen to anyone at anytime using this method. That’s why you should prepare to run through $$$ doing much testing.

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I’ve searched this forum dozens of times, even followed Adi’s guide (didn’t copy her settings, just her advanced profile settings).

My warmup was extremely slow and I didn’t got action blocked at all. I didn’t even turn on the unfollow module.

I have the money to invest, a lot of it, but I find it pointless to keep trying after so many tries.

Here what could have led to you getting captcha:

  • Did you edit the bio after verifying the account?
  • Did you change the name after verifying the account?
  • Did you change the phone number/email after verifying the account?
  • Did you change the profile pic after verifying the account?
  • Did you do all of the above before verifying the account?
  • Did you follow/like after verifying account?
  • Did you send DM’s after verifying account?
  • Did you post pictures after verifying account?

I’m 100% sure that this is what led to your accounts getting captcha. You added the link too soon and it’s the same link across all accounts. If you did any of the above that only lowered your account trust score even more. In addition, since all of these were on the same proxy, Instagram probably connected the accounts together and marked all of them as spam.

This is the wrong mindset. If you really want to be successful in this space you have to accept the lost. I know it sucks, but you will get there! Keep on testing and it will pay off in the end.


Thank you so much for this detailed response, I really appreciate it. I might’ve been with the wrong mindset all along as well.

I verified the accounts and after one day I edited everything (profile pic, bio, link, username). Then I wait another day, and after that I start the tools. When I did this I thought that you “couldn’t be more safer” but I was quite wrong :sweat_smile:

As for the proxies, I didn’t create the accounts, I purchased them from pr0ject1

I profile and add links to my account the same day I add them to the proxy, so your problem isn’t there.

Sharing the same link across the multiple accounts all in the same day isn’t a good idea. You ideally should use 1:1, link to account, but if you’re unable to do that… don’t add them at the same time, or day if possible.

If you’re using 4g proxies, then alot of your accounts are sharing IPs… so you’re linking the accounts together by having the same website link in them.

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I’m using RAW 4G proxies from HenryCooper, which as far as I know is what the majority of people use here. I use 10 accounts per proxy and my plan was to set up 20 accounts using 2 proxies.

I’ll start by giving a different link to every account. My plan is to start the account, change all of the details, wait a day, post 9 posts from my campaign and start the story campaign, wait another day and then start the tools.

Also, if I may ask, where are you buying your accounts? I’ve been paying a lot of money for them and all of them died (I’m not saying that it’s because of the accounts but it might be a factor).

Thanks a lot for the help guys, I really appreciate it.

There is an art to working with raw 4g proxies. Yes, you can load them up with some accounts and fire them away, but you’re going to run into problems down the line. Proper delays, and scheduling can make a world of a difference… you’ll be able to run more accounts per proxy and with less issues.

I personally don’t use raw 4g proxies anymore, as it can be irritating when dealing with a large amount of accounts. So im not able to give you much more advice as they go, but I would research login delays, tool delays and scheduling.

Most the account suppliers here are okay, but really any supplier that sells 4g accounts should be fine. Ask for some samples from different suppliers, and test them with your proxiesm. What works on my end, may not work as good on your end. There are too many underlying variables.

Only way to succeed in this game is constantly testing. Even when things are running good, continue to keep testing. I keep 25-50 accounts running just for testing purposes at any given time. It will really help you along the way… because as I mentioned, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

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I really appreciate your response, thanks a lot for the help!

My conclusion for this is fairly simple, I just need to keep testing and split test between different delays/changes etc. From now on I’ll stop using RAW 4G proxies as well and move on to mobile ones (more expensive but I’m way too inexperienced for RAW).

Hopefully things start to work, and even if they don’t, not planning to give up on this any time soon, especially because it works for others - so at some point it should work for me as well :wink:

20 accounts & 2 4G proxies

That is too much.

I used the same link in bio across all of my 4 accounts

It’s better not to use the same link in 1 bio. If you use linktree that is easy to circumvent.

Also used the same posts campaign across all accounts, but as far as I know JV is already changing the MD5 hash

I would not rely on changing the hash. Instagram can recognize the photos, even what is in them. Changing the hash will not help you much.

Can you explain the difference between RAW 4G proxies and mobile proxies ?

Np. And yeah, if you’re just starting with automation on ig, regular mobile proxies would be easier for you to manage, and it will reduce the chance of you linking the accounts together.

Raw 4g proxies typically rotate and you can add up to 40 accounts per proxy, although most use around 10-15.

Regular mobile proxies are static, and are typically good for 1-3 accounts depending on the provider.

Raw 4g proxies range from $20-75usd, while regular mobile proxies are around 5 for $20.

I am a bit confused when reading this. And if the OP really used 10-15 accounts on ONE Raw mobile proxy I can understand why he got bans.

RAW proxies can rotate, or not. It really depends on the one who is selling them. My experience is that I got blocks when putting too many accounts on 1 proxy and they performed actions at the same time. I now use max 3 acc on 1 RAW proxy.

What you call regular mobile proxies are just RAW proxies, but the seller limits the number of accounts you can use so he can sell access to that proxy to more people. They can rotate, or not. It really depends on the configuration the seller made.

I might be confusing the difference in the names of the two of them, as I mentioned i do not use 4g proxies.

But at the end of the day, their are two types of 4g proxies. Ones that you’re only allowed to run usually 1-3 accounts on, and another type that people usually run 10-15 on… which I’ve seen as high as 40 accounts.

One proxy is $20-75, while the other is around 5 for $20. Anyone who is using 4g proxies knows what im referring to and can probably correct me if I’m wrong about the names. But as far as the amount of accounts… I’ve used both myself for a period of time, so I know the account limitations.

The proxies that are limited to 1-3 accounts aren’t the same as the other proxy, that’s not how it works. The raw proxy you get the whole sim card to yourself, while the other type its being split down into different ports like an ipv6 proxy. Ip will be the same, port will be different.

Edit- I just checked the names of them… and i was correct. Raw proxy is the expensive one, and regular mobile proxy is the cheap one. And they come in the following format.

Raw proxies

Mobile proxies

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Without blocks???

If I follow + unfollow 200 a day I already need 8 hours for 1 account. I now use 3 acc on 1 proxy…

The account does not take continuous actions in these 8 hours. But it will be difficult to make a setup that uses the breaks for other accounts.

When you use 10-15 or even 40 accounts they will make actions at the same time.

I really got problems (follow/unfollow blocks) when that happened.

Yes, without blocks.

That’s if you just throw them in the program and try and run them. Thats why I mentioned to the OP, there is an art to running raw mobile proxies. When done correctly, you set scheduling and proper delays on logins and actions of tools. Thats how you can get up to 40 on there without all 40 running simultaneously. But 40 is too many, and the accounts get banned in two weeks. But if you stick to 10-15, you can get away with it without blocks and bans. Thats how all the guys who are running big setups run their 4g… to me it’s too much extra work, and much easier to work with 1 proxy per account.