What android app can i use to read this forum

Well, my question is really just that. I would check it much more often and could reply on the go. I tried searching for the forum in taptalk but i was unsucsessful.

Is there any alternative?


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I use Chrome on my Pixel 2. Works great.


Thanks for the info. I was looking something like set and forget and not hve to deal with cookies and sessions

The official Discourse App, it is the app of this forum software and your can add all forums that are running on Discourse. Also you get notifications about new reply’s…This is what you need.

I think MPSocial Team can send an Email to all users on the Forum that this App exists so more users would use it. ? :wink:


Thanks! i will check it out, i hope its as good as taptalk.

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For me it is very good, I have TheBitcoin.pub and MPSocial added in the App…:grin: