What are criterias to buy aged instagram accounts

Hi Everyone;

I am planning to buy aged instagram accounts to extend my “commentor” accounts team :blush:. Any idea about the criterias that the accounts should have to be able to directly start commenting 250-300 / day.

Thanks in advance for your advices.

Sorry to say but you won’t be able to do that. Aged accounts are mostly unused accounts, so it doesn’t matter if they are aged or not, you still have to ease them into doing all the actions, you can’t start blasting 300 comments a day as they will get blocked immediately.

If you can somehow get aged accounts that have been used and have a lot of actions daily on them that’s another thing, but no one is actually selling something like that.

I see. Thanks for the info @Johnny That means there isn’t any other way than warming up the accounts.

Do you have any idea about how long the accounts should be warmed up to start commenting between 250-350 account/ day?

And I have one more question, is it possible to perform comment operation with huge number of IG accounts lets say 500-1000 ? Did you experienced this before?

If you can do it with one, theoretically you can expand it to as many as you want. However I have never done this myself with that many accounts so I can’t give you exact logistic details… I’d say take it easy, add 10-20 at a time, make sure everything works, add some more, learn from then if you get into problems and you will eventually reach those numbers.

Most people fail when they jump right in without the needed knowledge and preparation.

Hi, I sell IG accounts. Accounts were created around 2 years ago, but were not updated. Each account has between 50-100 followers, Few posts. Thanks, Elena

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