What are good apps in mobile phone to verify Facebook accounts in phone number?

What are good apps in mobile phone to verify Facebook accounts in phone number?

Most of the free services are not working these days, you can try Smsactivate, Talku or Hushed.

If you want to use a premium service, you this one Textverified

I tried hushed in few weeks before. Does it work now to verify Facebook accounts?

I did not try them lately, but you can try and see how it goes

I used hushed app. I am not receiving any text messages to verify Facebook account.

Did you try hushed app to verify Facebook accounts?

Text Verified works nicely, if you have a subscription for it.

hushed should work fine when verifying FB accounts, you will have to try on your side and see how it goes.

I used hushed to verify my Facebook accounts. I am not getting text messages.

You get text messages from hushed app?

You’ve tried that for multiple FB accounts or just for one?

I tried to verify 5 Facebook accounts in 5 different phone numbers from hushed app. I am not getting text messages.

Then it’s something related to the app, not to your accounts.

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even i am looking for a monthly rental kind of site cause sometimes fb gets locked and gets PV and one time numbers dont work then as we cannot send code to it again.

smspva allows you to rent their number for $0.7 per day. I don’t know if they limit how long you can rent their number like sms-activate. I guess buying a real sim card is the best and cheapest option, but in some countries it’s hard to buy hundreds of sim cards.

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I always buy my own sims , it’s very cheap here