What are good forums/resources to learn more about growing on instagram?



So I’ve read and learned everything there is on youtube (most popular vids which are mostly bullshit), on blackhatworld and on mpsocial (everything I can access) and I want to learn more but idk what resource to use or what to do.

What would you recommend me to learn more about instagram growing?


Just grow accounts and test what works best for YOU. Every YouTube video about growing on Instagram is trash and outdated. Also, get access to level 2 of this forum, it’s worth it :wink:


You’re in the right forum to learn. I’m a bit bias, but I think the fastest and safest way to grow your Instagram accounts initially is using the mother/slave method, search for it. And good luck!


This is the best one


:point_up_2: :point_up_2:this :point_up_2: :point_up_2: no way to learn but jump head first.


What do you need more info for? If you’ve read everything there is here you’re more than ready to get started and grow.

I’ve also heard there are unicorns on lvl 2 so that’s probably a cool place to be.


How do you get to lvl2?


You already are there. Here


It’s not about knowing everything. It’s about putting everything you know into practice.


most of what is on youtube is just people with basic knowledge wanting to monetize their subscribers (not all of them though!)
Here there is way better information man! Wayyyy more and better!


Learn what works to a certain degree for you and then get more information on these things:

Your videos are doing better than your pictures? Find out why and look for tips and tricks in that direction.

Can you sucesfully place a CTA in your videos?

Which part of Instagram works best for you? Inform yourself about the other parts or how to use another platform to to increase your engagement.


you get what I’m saying! :slight_smile:


just read, you can found everything heres bro.
Trust me, I’ve tried to learn about instagram. and this forum is one the gem for me.