What are the best budget proxies and VPS for 5 accounts

For the past few days, I’ve watched videos on jarvee.
I do want to install it, but I’m getting overwhelmed with all the proxies, vps and some people say you could get banned. Can anyone in this forum help me get started, i have 2 accounts. One is my personal photography page and the other account is featuring photographers in Toronto ( Toronto.clickz) . For now, I just want to run a total of 5 accounts to help myself going. Can anyone give me tips and help me
Appreciate it

You can run 5 accs on one phone (one mobile IP). If you want to play it safe, get 1 raw mobile from @HenryCooper and run your 5 accs on it.
Why don’t you run jarvee on your own pc? 5 accs is very very little load.


I’ve been trying to find the answer to this lately and @Larsometer’s is the conclusion of my research.

For VPS you could run it from a windows based pc running 24/7 or get a free one from amazon for a year: https://jarvee.com/knowledge-base/get-free-vps-1-year/
The amazon VPS won’t be good for more than 5 accounts though, I think I saw a reccomendation for 2-5 accs on it.

If you’re interested in buying mobile proxies:

I’m in the exact same situation and my plan is to start out growing 2-3 accounts to learn how to do it properly so that I can expand when I know my stuff.


Thank you for your respond,
I heard if you have more than 3 accounts on the same proxy and automating with jarvee. It gets risky
I haven’t started yet because i just want to be sure of everything, but i do plan on doing it soon.

You can buy “spam account” for 1 USD or so and try your luck with your setup until you put serious accounts on them. There are so many parameters to ruin an account. In the beginning you will have a hard time to understand which cog is turning which wheel. But the understanding will come.
As for the raw mobile proxies… there are people who put more than 10 accs on them (I am one of them) and it works. But I was also the person who f***ed up dozens of accounts with just 3 accs on a mobile proxy. There is a lot to learn… So only gamble/test with what you can afford. Just my 2 cents…


So as a beginner, its best to start with a new account instead of using my personal account…incase anything goes wrong right? Also im kinda confused… whats the difference between a mobile proxy and the other proxies out there or are they all the same?

IG is designed for running on mobile phones which usually are connected to a mobile IP or residential IP. Technically they are all more or less the same kind of IPs but IG know which one is which. Worst of all (for a beginner) are datacenter proxies that typically are used for automation when connected to IG.
IG does not like an overload of automation. So they filter out the accs that abuse IG platform too much. In a way that means that the safest way to run IG accounts is on your mobile phone (or setups similar to that). Of course there are other ways. And you will learn the tricks on how to use even very cheap datacenter proxies for your purposes. Similar as with race cars you don’t start your driving lessons with a formula 1 car…
You can use personal accounts for testing. It is just that these accounts might be disabled. Meaning you could lose them. For some people losing their personal account is a big emotional pain. Losing a spam 1 USD account is like putting some quarters in a slot machine… no crying :slight_smile:
A final word… there is a lot of information in this forum and you can get really get lost or overloaded. That’s why I wrote start cheap, take your lessons and scale things up once you have evidence that your setup is working for you. Everyone here in this forum has his own “kung-fu” style and thus cannot relieve you from your own learning experience.


Data center proxies are the worst ones, these does not have a location.

Residential proxies are safer than datacenter ones. There have an IP adress allocated to a homeowner.

The most safe ones are mobile proxies. These have an IP address from a mobile internet connection.

For high quality work go for the more expensive ones, for spam go for the cheaper ones.

There is a lot of information on proxy providers here but I’d go for one of the certified sellers here on this forum that I linked above.

Edit, I was corrected:

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On a budget I would go with datacenter proxies.
I’ve made a guide to getting started that may help you as it covers safe settings for Jarvee as well as proxies…

Good luck!


@avo now I am very curious… Do you actually manage to do picture posting (no album no video converted pic) with a datacenter proxy?

Thank you for taking the time to help me

So this is what i took from this.
I download jarvee alongside the Amazon VPS, is Amazon fine or do you recommend some other VPS. Then I download mobile proxy, would I need 5 proxies for 5 accounts?
After downloading all this, it’s trial and error and practice.

I have no experience with Amazon VPS (just can tell you that Contabo was good for me in the beginning since they have an outstanding support). Concerning proxies just ask the recommended sources here in the forum. They are passionate about what they do and are more than willing to help starters.

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No, It no longer works, but many people will post manually or from a third party website like Later.

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I’ve used AWS for a long time and really like it’s simplicity
Definitely recommended as a first experience with VPS.

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Per month, having jarvee,vps and proxy. how much do you think it’ll be every month


Jarvee 10 user license $30
VPS AWS free for one year
Proxies x 5 $7

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what would you recommenced for safe proxies

How much Henry charge for a proxy and is that mobile proxy?

How about asking him? :sweat_smile:

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Haha. That’s easy way I know. But I would ask him only if I’m in the state of affordability. I hope you get my point.

That is why I’m pre-researching the cost of his services.