What are the Best niches in instagram nowadays and in the future?

Hello everybady, When i try to start a business account in Instagram i find my self very confused which one can be successful ans which one o have to choose. So guys i want your advicesabout this topic plz.
what is the Best niche i have to work on to be successful in Instagram.

Maybe the one you are best at?

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Go on Instagram start watching reels and find

I feel like babes niche is super profitable - but I am not a babe haha.
But maybe difficult in the future if IG really cancels non-family-friendly content.

Yess… babes niche content is super profitable and let me suggest you something for future, what I saw is even if you make babes account and post family friendly content (means not that family friendly but yess family friendly) I don’t know how to explain …
(Babes pictures but not proper adult content)
This type of accounts are really profitable for long term …

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Because men always want to see more. Easiest targets for marketers :smiley:

like with shoutouts… or by directing to traffic to something else?

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There are lots of profitable niches, but I would say to go with what you love and are passionate about the most.


There are multiple ways to monetize Instagram. It completely depends on you what you choose.

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This. Reason being, if your own interest in the niche changes, then you won’t be as “successful” as you could be imo.

Start with one or a few at a time and test yourself to see what it’s like to be in those niches. See if you actually like it. Not just observing on the sidelines.

Success happens on the field.


It could be different answers, but for me, Pets and Babes are easy to grow and monetize


Yeah, so true.

Fitness/health is evergreen.


Like what plz i want a niche

My experience is partly target also on children. They grow with them and provide more engagement. They generally like and comment more often.

As @Eleoen said “Because men always want to see more. Easiest targets for marketers”

I think niche in which men’s are interested is easiest :raised_hands:

Male fitness is rough. Don’t recommend lol

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