What are the best source category for free followers?

If the answer is secret (and i guess there are secret categories of sources for this niche, since most of people make 0.1$ per account and few others do 2$ per account), i want to pay.
Please PM me or add me on skype: john.derth

The forum is filled with great information, do some research and save some money.

How much are you willing to pay? I’ll give you my niches and targets for… Let’s say, for free.
Just read this, you don’t have to copy it exactly as I described, but if you add your own twist, find your own offers, you’ll surely earn $2 per account/day


I did research, but no ones says what category of sources works best for free followers.

Females between 13 and 17 - what they would be interested in?

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I tried but i received the same results. I mean, i got some profiles with young females but how i know the followers of that profile are 70% females between 13 and 17?