What are the best tools used for Twitter marketing 2020?

I have a new twitter account, and I would like to grow it with the assistance of several marketing tools. Please leave your suggestions below.

It’s best to automate your actions so that you follow people that are close to your niche and that are most interested in your account’s content. Also, try posting unique and high quality content, but also make sure that it’s similar content so that you stick to one niche.You can also automate giving likes to other user’s tweets and that will surely attract their attention. I am automating my actions with Jarvee and it’s getting the job done for me. Cheers

I agree 100%. Likewise, Jarvee for the Win!!

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I didn’t know Jarvee was effective on Twitter. Is this true? How is it doing for Twitter growth?

Working fine for me!

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I remember the days when I used IFTTT to posts on my Twitter account and do follow/unfollow manually…, now I’m using Jarvee for Auto post. It also has features like follow,favorite,dm, mention… and with the scrape posts feature I can scrape from pinterest and post the pictures to my Twitter. :grinning:

yes, you can use Jarvee on Twitter as well, Follow, unfollow, likes, reply, posts, etc… I have been using it for quite some time now and it’s a great way to automate actions on your account, as for the followers growth that really depends on the quality of your content, being authentic is really the key these days on every social platform, not just Twitter.

The best way to growth is to advertise your profile outside twitter. There are many way to do it.

Couldn’t agree more, Jarvee has changed the Twitter game for me! You can get away with a lot more on the DM side too, which is great if that’s part of a strategy.

Do you send DM to your new followers or extracted users/non-followers? or maybe both? is there difference when it comes to limit for both, and how many DMs do you usually send per day? I’m not sure about DM limits on Twitter.

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